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sloooooww progress with this thing. must remind myself I’m doing it for me only for me. Still I’m approaching the point where I realise it’s not looking as perfect as it was in my mind, eventually I end up forcing myself to finish it and automatically hating it.

but no, not this time.


Pixiv ID: 45361864Member: 柚木◇SCC関西20 ウ61a

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Cyborg Female Composite by lancewilkinson

Abandoned power plant in New Orleans, Lousiana


Abandoned power plant in New Orleans, Lousiana

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SUUUGAaaaa woooooooooooooooooo


「詰」/「藤もげお」の漫画 [pixiv]

Rikuzentakata, Iwate prefecture, Japan (via 国道45号旧道、陸前高田市旧道に至るまでの経緯|RoadJapan 日本の道路、昭和の旧道を巡る旅)


can we all conclude that skinny shaming isn’t a thing at all but also like let’s not pretend like nicki’s video was made to uplift fat girls when really all it does is glorify the extremely hard to achieve ‘extremely small waist/big ass’ look that is very in at the moment, none of the girls in the video were fat at all and all fit the ~skinny thicc~ look that is very en vogue atm like let’s be very real


I was going through my old PSD’s and found some fakey SH2 DS/mobile screenshots I did a few years ago for fun.



Alexandra as HELLGIRL ! <3

Ce genre de cosplay parfait! This kind of perfect cosplay!

Follow the tumblr of Alexandra to see all her costumes :

Photos by S. Rain Lawrence: /

Links(follow): More Cosplay / Hellboy / Dark Horse

10/10 would marry